Friday, October 5, 2007

So, who exactly is AAFES?

I see now days, many soldiers both in the US and overseas, being used by this AAFES, whoever it may be. Now in combat zones, such as Iraq and Afganistan as well as others, soldiers have no real choice about where to buy. The motto as one soldier has put it should be: "WE GO WHERE YOU HAVE NO CHOICE". I see that you can generally pay the same or even quite a bit less off post anywhere!

Look what a Double Whopper with Cheese, Fries and 2 (warm) can cokes cost me in Baghdad yesterday: $7.90

I suppose it must be the high wages they shell out to the third country nationals working there. Do ya think?

The Gas prices are certainly not cheaper!

In the past the PX/BX Exchange system was a major perk for joining the military. Not anymore! It used to be out to benefit the soldier, airman, seamen and DOD employees. It wasn't out to make a profit, past covering the overhead. Now it's just an overpriced superstore system with a very large and captive audience.

So, who is makeing the money that is left over after supposedly paying "most" (I seriously doubt it) of the money to the military social welfare and recreation system?

What are the details behind the business? CEO? Stock info? I'll bet they dont want you to know that info.

That's my rant! Have a great day!